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A review for American Bullion

If you are considering an IRA Precious Metal rollover, American Bullion is a name you can trust. The company offers a wide range of bars and coins that meet IRA requirements, as well as rare coins and collectibles. You can request a free kit to help you decide if American Bullion is the right choice for your situation. With its many years of experience, American Bullion has become a well respected name in the precious metals industry.

American Bullion prides itself on helping individuals convert their 401ks and IRAs into gold, as well as creating new retirement accounts for those interested in investing in gold and silver. If you want to learn more about American Bullion, we recommend requesting their free gold kit.

When you reach out to American Bullion, not only will you receive critical information about the bullion products and company itself, but also answers to questions you may have had about using your existing retirement account to diversify your portfolio with physical precious metals. This gold dealer is popular among collectors because they offer IRA-grade silver bullion, palladium, platinum in addition to United States coins minted prior 1933.

American Bullion provides all of the traditional services you would expect from a company offering gold investments and precious metal IRAs. This includes account set-ups and rollovers, selling precious metals (including gold approved by the IRS), as well as safe storage with high security.

We believe that American Bullion is a good option for new investors interested in investing in physical metals for protection or diversification, especially those who are looking to invest in a retirement account. The company is also great for collectors and investors who are interested rare bullion coins regardless of their location around the world.

American Bullion Pricing and Fees

American Bullion’s pricing is always upfront and clear. If your account is valued at $100,000 or less, then your annual fee is a low $90. When setup fees are included regardless of the balance in your account, the maximum charge per year is only $290 – which averaged among IRA precious metal providers. On top of that, American Bullion offers you an even more valuable benefit. American Bullion is offering a promotion where your administrative costs, storage fees, and annual fee are waived for the first year- meaning you’ll save money. They set up this to attract new clients so they could see how helpful having a precious metals IRA could be.

American Bullion Storage

There are two storage facilities that American Bullion recommends: STRATA and Delaware Depository. Both of these facilities have extremely reasonable fees, and American Bullion will cover the cost of your first year in storage. This promotion is a way for the company to ensure that you’re satisfied with their service before committing long-term.

If you’re buying precious metals or gold for something other than an IRA, you can choose to store your purchase at home. American Bullion will bring everything right to your door if you ask them to. Some investors choose this option as a way of protecting themselves against inflation or the government taking away their precious metals. In the past, the government has taken people’s assets like this without asking. If you’re very serious about using precious metals as protection, we recommend thinking about storing them at home.

Please don’t hesitate to speak with the company about this option or any questions you may have. The staff is extremely knowledgeable about precious metals and would be more than happy to answer all of your questions.

American Bullion Review – The Bottom Line

If you compare the fee structure, American Bullion is similar to other companies in its field. The first year’s fees are paid by the company as an introductory promotion. This allows new customers to try out the company and see if it meets their needs before committing to anything. We don’t think that American Bullion would offer this type of deal unless they were sure that most people would stay with them after the first year.

American Bullion additionally enables you to place funds into precious metals not in circulation within North America, which many other investors are interested in. If you would like to purchase metals from different parts of the world including Europe, American Bullion offers a wide selection of products that can fit nearly every investor’s needs. For those new to retirement investments, American Bullion will walk you through the process and be there for guidance each step along the way.

Although American Bullion is a trustworthy company and not a scam, there are other companies we have featured on this website that offer greater quality and value.

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